Webinar - Board Meetings During a Pandemic: Legal Considerations and Best Practices

April 23, 2020 at 12pm

Board Meetings During a Pandemic Webinar Banner

Board Meetings During a Pandemic: Legal Considerations and Best Practices

The necessary restrictions due to the COVID-19 outbreak have disrupted the way Oregonians live, work, and play. Public education is no exception. School boards all over the state are quickly learning to move their meetings online. In this webinar we will discuss what boards must, can, and cannot do while meeting in a virtual format. We will look at how some districts are bringing the public into their meetings and share high value tips for getting the most out of your meetings. Join Jennifer Nancarrow (OSBA Attorney) and Vince Adams (OSBA Board Development Specialist) for these topics and more in a free lunchtime webinar. 

Board secretaries, this webinar may be of particular interest to you. We ask that you please pass along this learning opportunity to your board members, especially board chairs, and encourage them to attend.

OSBA also provides fee-based trainings upon request. Contact OSBA Director of Board Development Steve Kelley (skelley@osba.org) for information.

We look forward to answering your questions and providing useful information on virtual public meetings.


Tips for School Boards Meeting Remotely

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