Webinar - Roles and Responsibilities of the Board Chair

June 4, 2020 at 12pm

Roles of the Board Chair Webinar June 2020

Roles and Responsibilities of the Board Chair Webinar

So, you want to be board chair? This rewarding role comes with great responsibility and is constrained by policy. In this first of three webinars about the school board chair’s role, OSBA board development specialists will cover the constraints of policy, relationship with the superintendent and duties.

Board secretaries, please pass along this learning opportunity to your board members, especially board chairs, and encourage them to attend.

OSBA also provides fee-based trainings upon request. Contact OSBA Director of Board Development Steve Kelley (skelley@osba.org) for information.


Webinar Presentation Slides

Board Chair Guide

Sample - School Board Norms

Webinar Replay



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