Webinar-Oregon Rising

Monday, March 7, 2016, 6:00 p.m.

Webinar – Oregon Rising:  Fulfilling ‘The Promise of Oregon’

OSBA is working with the Confederation of Oregon School Administrators (COSA) and the Oregon Education Association (OEA) to build momentum for an increased state-level investment in K-12 schools.  This new project, known as “Oregon Rising,” will build on the accomplishments of “The Promise of Oregon” campaign to support Oregon schools in providing a high-quality and well-rounded educational experience to all students. Our underlying goal is to significantly improve outcomes for Oregon students. 

During this webinar, we will ask school board members, educators and community members to describe the educational experience they want for young people in their communities. 

Some questions to consider: If your district received funding equivalent to the national average, what would be your highest priorities for the additional investment?  What are your top three priorities, and how would they improve the student educational experiences and outcomes?  What is an example of a successful program in your district, and how would you scale it up if you had additional resources?  How can additional resources advance your graduation rates?

Join us in this webinar so we can gather information to motivate Oregon legislators to fund Oregon K-12 education and build a strong future for all Oregonians.


  • OSBA Executive Director Betsy Miller-Jones
  • OSBA Deputy Executive Director Jim Green
  • COSA Executive Director Craig Hawkins
  • OEA Executive Director Richard Sanders

Webinar Replay

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