Webinar - Basic Roles and Responsibilities

September 15, 2021, 12:00 pm

Basic Roles and Responsibilities Webinar Banner

Basic Roles and Responsibilities: Board Best Practices Webinar

Join OSBA trainers for a free, interactive webinar on board best practices. Attendees learn about the board’s relationship with the superintendent and how to avoid common pitfalls. While focusing on best practices and boards’ legal roles and responsibilities found in state statute and board policy, this workshop will provide a guide for boards to be effective in governing the district. 

Watch the recording below:


PDF Slide deck

Managing Meeting Disruptions Guide 

Attorney General's Public Records and Meeting Manual


Board secretaries, please pass along this training opportunity to your board members and encourage your new board members to attend!

OSBA also provides fee-based on-site trainings upon request. Contact OSBA Board Development Director Steve Kelley (skelley@osba.org) for information.

Board members will receive Leadership Institute bronze-level credit for attending this webinar.

Click here to learn more about Leadership Institute.




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