School Personnel Online Tools (SPOT)

SPOT, the biggest gold mine of current, comprehensive, searchable human resource data on Oregon school labor contracts you’ll ever find includes:

  • Salary and Benefits Analyzer (SABA): SABA lets you avoid digging through reports and phone lists to gather the latest salary and benefit data from Oregon school districts and ESDs. Click to get teacher salaries for any level of education, percent increases, just the districts in your region, paid leave provisions - plus a lot more. We guide you through five easy steps - with a 'help' button. You can also get the percent increases and insurance data for classified staff - information available nowhere else. SABA puts comparative salary and benefit data on school staff in Oregon at your fingertips. It is updated continuously, no waiting until January to get annual teacher salary and benefit data. SABA is available separately or as part of a full SPOT subscription.
  • Contract Warehouse: Includes all district, ESD and community college classified and licensed/faculty labor contracts received by OSBA from 1973 to the present. Files in PDF format and indexed by district name, type, unit type (classified, licensed, faculty etc.), county and ADM.
  • Contract Language Index: A companion to the Contract Warehouse: Want to know which contracts contain early retirement benefits? The index will identify those contracts for you. We’ve indexed each licensed/faculty and classified current contract on file to help you identify contracts that contain 80 types of contract language.
  • Arbitration Database: Over 350 school, ESD and community college arbitration decisions in PDF format. OSBA staff have summarized each decision and indexed the collection in a searchable database by arbitrator, unit type, issues covered, winner and award type.
  • Salary Schedules: Current schedules for teachers and classified staff are available on SPOT for districts, ESDs and community colleges. Files are indexed by district name, unit type, county and ADM.
  • Negotiator's Notebook: OSBA’s carefully researched manual on collective bargaining provides valuable information for those new to negotiations, as well as those with years of negotiations experience. The notebook is divided into eight sections: General Information, Language Analysis, Scope of Bargaining, Technical Assistance, Statistics, Bargaining Tips, Contract Administration and Comments.

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