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About links to other sites

An explanation of OSBA's links to other sites on the Internet.


Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader used to view PDF files.


Tell us what you think about OSBA.

Help adding a news feed

Explanation and instructions for using OSBA news feeds.

Help logging into My OSBA

Instructions on what to do if you are having trouble logging into My OSBA.

Help with downloading calendars

Instructions for importing OSBA calendars into your own calendar program.

Help with downloading documents

Guidelines and instructions for downloading files from the OSBA web site.

Help with your junk e-mail filter

Step-by-step instructions for adding OSBA e-mail information to your safe senders list.

Legal notice and disclaimer

The legal stuff.

Map to OSBA

Map and directions to the OSBA office in Salem.

Nonmember ordering information

Prepayment information for nonmember publication orders.

OSBA's Basic Contract Rates

Information about OSBA's contract rates and fee structure.

Public Comment and Posting Guidelines

Guidelines for posting comments on OSBA websites

Sample policy disclaimer

Disclaimer for OSBA sample policies downloaded from the OSBA web site.

Site Map

OSBA web site structure.

Terms of use

Terms of use applicable to all OSBA websites.