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PR In Action is OSBA’s monthly service written by public relations professionals who understand schools. Available on-line or paper copies, it’s brimming with research-based ideas, parent newsletters ready to copy and send, calendars and the popular "Key Dates" for observances such as American Education Week and School Board Recognition Month. 

Here’s a sample of what a typical issue of PR in Action may include:

  • Forming a communications advisory committee - School districts have long recognized the value of involving staff and community in the decision-making process. This tip sheet suggests how to successfully establish a communications advisory committee.
  • Dealing with pressure groups - A school district’s best defenses against pressure groups are anticipation, communication and accommodation. Use the tips in this sheet to focus the interest and energy of pressure groups on ways to improve your schools.
  • Creating a positive image - Classified employees are often perceived to be the most credible sources of information about schools. Here are some ways to make sure that the classified employees in your district are able to meet that challenge.
  • Checklists for back-to-school information parent newsletter - The back-to-school packet of materials includes tip sheets and sample letters. The tip sheets are checklists to help you organize the information you provide to parents and others in your community. After each topic are hints for what to say about that topic. Remember to check your district’s policies and procedures so that the information you distribute is accurate. These checklists will also help principals as they plan for next year.

PR in Action regularly includes:

  • Monthly Insights parent newsletter, in both English and Spanish, focusing on ways parents can start early to help their children plan for post-secondary education.
  • Carefully researched guides on a variety of subjects including handling complaints, public speaking, communicating change, recognizing staff, improving publications, and social media.
  • Articles, fillers and editorials that can help call attention to American Education Week, Teacher Appreciation Day, School Board Recognition Month.
  • Special communications and public relations tips for school board members, including how to work with the media.