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Board operation resources

Appointing subcommittees

The board has the authority to appoint special committees.

Be your best on the board

Key areas of responsibilities for school board members.

Board chair's authority

A description of the board chair's authority.

Board meeting notice

One regular board meeting should be held monthly at the district’s administrative headquarters or at the nearest practical location, with consideration given to persons with disabilities.

Board Operating Agreements

Description and examples of board operating agreements

Board secretary

The board secretary provides the board with accurate records of meeting minutes, handles board correspondence, and posts all meetings.

Board self-evaluation

Self-assessment by the board provides valuable information, discussion and communication.

Boards and community engagement

A school board guide to public engagement.

Boardsmanship 101 - Tips for new board members

Congratulations to our recently elected or appointed board members! When you take your oath of office at your first board meeting, you are entrusted with one of the most important jobs in your community.

Building consensus

The ability to get people with widely diverse opinions to agree on an issue is a skill that board chairs must develop.

Choosing the chair

The selection of the board chair is made no later than the next regular meeting following July 1 each year.

Code of conduct for school board members

This information is from Boardsmanship For Oregon School Board Members, which explains what it takes to be an Oregon school board member.

Communicating during the board meeting

Resources for making a positive impression on the public at board meetings.

Communication with the board and public

The primary role of the chair, other than to run meetings, is to be the voice of the board.

Conducting board meetings

The most important role of the board chair is conducting the meeting.

Contract language review - the complaint procedure

Complaint-procedure language is often neglected in public education collective bargaining. Too often, board members and school administrators don’t realize they’ve paid it too little attention until it is too late.

Dealing with crisis

Quick tips for communicating during a crisis.

Essential School Board Book Summary

Well-researched, practical strategies to improve student achievement through good governance from The Essential School Board Book by Nancy Walser.

Evaluating the superintendent

What the board needs to know to effectively evaluate the superintendent.

Executive sessions

Freedom of information laws

Oregon’s Public Meetings Laws govern what materials must be made available to the public and which may be withheld.

Handling board correspondence

Letters sent to the board of education through the board chair should be shared with other board members.

History of school board elections

Statistical information about school board elections.

How much time does being a good board member require?

The time committment for school board service.

How to become a school board candidate

Information on becoming a school board candidate.

Important principles for board members

Nine principles of a successful school board member.

Is your school board dysfunctional?

Common denominators in dysfunctional school boards.

July meeting agenda checklist

Checklist of items school boards are mandated to complete to begin each new fiscal year.

Pandemic and outbreak threats

Information about why and how districts should develop and implement pandemic and outbreak preparedness plans.

Personal qualities of a board chair

Leadership is an acquired art, not something that comes naturally to all people.

Pressure groups

On rare occasions, a hostile group may approach the board to comment on a decision that the board is considering or has just made.

Public comment at board meetings

The laws governing boards of education require that their work be done where the public can observe their actions.

Public hearings

The board will hold public hearings as required by law.

Records Retention

What policy documentation is kept and how.

Robert's Rules simplified

The chair’s guide to running an effective meeting is Robert’s Rules of Order.

Sample Oath of Office

Recently elected and appointed board members must take an oath of office before assuming the duties of office.

Sample opening comments to audience

This opening comment can be used by the board president at the beginning of every open forum or public comment portion to ensure consistency in approach at every meeting.

Sample policy: Board Member Ethics Policies - BBFA, BBFB, GBC and GBC-AR

Sample policies establishing ethical standards for board members.

Sample policy: Hazing, Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying, Menacing, Cyberbullying, Teen Dating Violence and Domestic Violence - Student - JFCF, JFCF-AR

Sample policies prohibiting hazing, harassment, intimidation, bullying, menacing, teen dating violence, acts of cyberbullying and domestic violence.

Sample policy: Homeless Students - JECBD and JECBD-AR

The district shall ensure that homeless students have equal access to education services.

School board elections

Information about how to file as a candidate for school board elections.

Sharing a common vision

The board chair should work to keep the board focused on the school district's vision.

Special board meetings

Special meetings may be convened by the chair, upon request of three board members, or by common consent of all or a majority of the board members.

Superintendent and board chair dialogue

Keeping the lines of communication open between the board chair and the superintendent benefits the entire board and school district.

Superintendent evaluation workbook

A high quality superintendent evaluation process helps develop good board/superintendent relationships, provides clarity of roles, creates common understanding of the leadership being provided and provides a mechanism for public accountability.

The board chair and first amendment

When the board chair speaks to an issue, the public and the media assume that the chair’s statement is the opinion of the entire board of education.

The board chair and superintendent

The board chair and the superintendent collaborate on the meeting agenda and other operational issues facing the board.

The board meeting agenda

The agenda, prepared by the board chair and the superintendent, is the most important document at any board meeting.

The media and your board

The media is interested in what happens at your board meetings, and the media version of your board actions is what most people in your community see (or hear).

Time/stress management

Serving on a board of education is a volunteer effort that requires many hours of diligent work.

Voting requirements

A majority of the members of the board (a quorum) must be present to legally conduct business.

Welcome the public to your school board meeting

Sample English and Spanish "welcome the public" brochures in a variety of file formats.

What does a school board do?

An overview of a school board's responsibilities.

What makes a good board member?

Qualities that describe effective board members.

When you're in charge as the board chair...

As a new board chair, you suddenly find that you are making decisions, and that 'basic rule' is less defined.

Your campaign

Brief overview of school board candidate campaign requirements.