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A complaint has been filed against a staff member which has progressed through the complaint procedure and has been appealed to the school board. The staff member who the complaint is against has requested the complaint be heard by the Board in public session. We anticipate both sides of the issue may have supporters in attendance. After the board reviews the complaint and the superintendent’s response, may we go into executive session to deliberate or do we have to do all of that in public session as well?

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Board chair's authority

A description of the board chair's authority.

Board meeting notice

One regular board meeting should be held monthly at the district’s administrative headquarters or at the nearest practical location, with consideration given to persons with disabilities.

Board secretary

The board secretary provides the board with accurate records of meeting minutes, handles board correspondence, and posts all meetings.

Can a quorum of the board compel board members to attend meetings? We have a minority of members who might not attend a meeting where they will be faced with criticism. The majority of the board wants the minority to attend.

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Can the board meet in executive session to receive an update on employee performance in general?

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Can the chair call meetings whenever he or she wants, including executive sessions?

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Choosing the chair

The selection of the board chair is made no later than the next regular meeting following July 1 each year.

Communication with the board and public

The primary role of the chair, other than to run meetings, is to be the voice of the board.

Conducting board meetings

The most important role of the board chair is conducting the meeting.

Dealing with crisis

Quick tips for communicating during a crisis.

Do executive session minutes need to be reviewed, voted on and approved by the board? How should this be done?

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Does a Board have to convene a Special Session and then go into an Executive Session? Or, can they convene for an Executive Session, adjourn and go into a Special Session to vote on a matter?

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Executive sessions

Freedom of information laws

Oregon’s Public Meetings Laws govern what materials must be made available to the public and which may be withheld.

Must executive session minutes be separate from regular session minutes, or can they be contained in the body of the regular session minutes?

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Our superintendent needs to update board members about staff issues that may turn into grievances. Under what statute can that executive session be held?

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Sample Oath of Office

Recently elected and appointed board members must take an oath of office before assuming the duties of office.

School board elections

Information about how to file as a candidate for school board elections.

Should the board secretary be present at ALL meetings; special and executive?

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Special board meetings

Special meetings may be convened by the chair, upon request of three board members, or by common consent of all or a majority of the board members.

Superintendent and board chair dialogue

Keeping the lines of communication open between the board chair and the superintendent benefits the entire board and school district.

Superintendent evaluation workbook

A high quality superintendent evaluation process helps develop good board/superintendent relationships, provides clarity of roles, creates common understanding of the leadership being provided and provides a mechanism for public accountability.

Teacher and Administrator Contract Renewals, Non-Renewals and Dismissal

This link outlines the processes required by Oregon law for teacher and administrator contract renewals, non-renewals and dismissals. District policies, collective bargaining agreements and administrator contracts should be reviewed and the District's legal counsel consulted prior to beginning any non-renewal or dismissal procedure.

The board chair and first amendment

When the board chair speaks to an issue, the public and the media assume that the chair’s statement is the opinion of the entire board of education.

The board meeting agenda

The agenda, prepared by the board chair and the superintendent, is the most important document at any board meeting.

Time/stress management

Serving on a board of education is a volunteer effort that requires many hours of diligent work.

Voting requirements

A majority of the members of the board (a quorum) must be present to legally conduct business.

What does a school board do?

An overview of a school board's responsibilities.

What should the board chair do about audience complaints of personnel that should be handled during executive session?

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When you're in charge as the board chair...

As a new board chair, you suddenly find that you are making decisions, and that 'basic rule' is less defined.