Employee Management Resources

When districts need assistance improving, developing or creating systems or processes to achieve better relationships with employees, we can help!

Workshops - OSBA offers knowledgeable, experienced trainers to provide you with workshops and trainings on recruitment, selection, staff development; discipline and dismissal; compensation; federal and state labor laws; layoff and recall; leave administration; and a variety of other topics. We customize workshops to meet your needs.

Labor and Employment Regional Meetings  - Each year, Legal, Labor and PACE Services staff tour Oregon bringing the conference to you! Topics in the past have included labor and employment case law updates, changes to the evaluation procedure, how to have difficult conversations, sexual conduct and the requirement to report, and other trending topics. This is a one day conference, with an afternoon starting time followed by dinner and the second half of the conference.

Consultation or at-the-table bargaining - We walk you through the entire bargaining process, from setting board goals to developing proposals. Whether you need at the table representation or just someone to review proposals, OSBA is here to assist. If you need advice or a negotiator, call OSBA.

Contract, proposal analysis  - Our staff analyzes labor contracts and employee and union proposals. We clarify mandatory and permissive subjects of bargaining and identify language that limits management flexibility or impedes student achievement.

Interest-based bargaining - We work with your board and employee team to examine interest-based bargaining models and find  one to best suit your district. We train groups, both employees and management, wanting to use interest-based-bargaining and also facilitate these processes.

Compensation surveys and other tools  - Our surveys show how your salaries and benefits rank among Oregon schools. SPOT (School Personnel Online Tools subscription service) instantly gives you comparative salary and benefit data including SABA (Salary and Benefit Analyzer), Negotiator's Notebook, a contract language index and more.

Classification studies, job descriptions - We help districts update and ensure that job descriptions accurately reflect the work being performed and comply with ADA law and are correctly placed in your hierarchy.

HR audits, analysis, guidance & studies - We conduct comprehensive analyses of various human resource and labor relation functions for districts and community colleges and recommend improvements. We conduct workplace investigations, provide compensation studies and analysis, and help ensure compliance with human-resources law in areas such as employee leaves, the Americans with Disabilities Act and its amendments and workers' compensation.

Arbitration representation - OSBA specialists can represent you before the Employee Relations Board and in unfair-labor-practice disputes. We will represent you during employee grievance arbitration and assist you with non-renewal of probationary contracts, dismissal of probationary and contract teachers, and other state-agency proceedings.

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Price Information

Prices for fee-based services are set by OSBA’s board of directors. Fees cover professional services, travel time, mileage, meals, lodging and support services.

If you need assistance with an issue you do not find covered on this site, we will make every effort to help you. Please contact us for more information.



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