Employee Management Resources

Information to assist you in developing or improving systems to achieve better relationships with employees.

Ask HR

HR staff answers your most frequently asked questions about board governance and meetings.

Affordable Care Act information center

Information about the Affordable Care Act also known as Obama Care or Healthcare Reform

About labor and employment servicesThis is a for-fee service from OSBA

When districts need assistance improving, developing or creating systems or processes to achieve better relationships with employees, we can help!

Veterans Preference - Incorporating into Your Hiring Preference

Everything you need to ensure that your hiring process complies with current veterans preference statutes.

Teacher and Administrator Contract Renewals, Non-Renewals and Dismissal

This link outlines the processes required by Oregon law for teacher and administrator contract renewals, non-renewals and dismissals. District policies, collective bargaining agreements and administrator contracts should be reviewed and the District's legal counsel consulted prior to beginning any non-renewal or dismissal procedure.

Criminal Background Checks

Links to information about criminal background checks.

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