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Charter schools are one of the innovative educational endeavors used to meet the wide range of needs for a variety of learners. Our goals is to help districts and charter schools with the legal framework, policies and leadership skills that ensure beneficial relationships among districts, charters and communities.

Getting started with Charter Schools

OSBA's experienced leadership, policy and legal staff help school district boards understand charter law, comply with procedural requirements and make informed, well-informed decisions.

OSBA services for charter schoolsThis is a for-fee service from OSBA

Learn more about the services available from OSBA for public charter schools.

Charter schools frequently asked questions

Questions and answers about public charter schools

Charter school application process

School districts throughout the state receive charter school applications.

Charter school funding

An overview of how charter schools are funded.

Can a charter school employee serve as an elected board member of the sponsoring district school board?

Question from Ask Betsy

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Charter Schools Publications

Charter Governance through Policy

Learn the importance of charter policies and what’s different about them.

Model Public Charter School Staff Handbook

We've done the legwork and created a staff handbook template.

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