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Here you'll find resources, tips and insights to help boards function effectively and efficiently.

Student achievement gateway

An in-depth analysis of student achievement initiatives in Oregon focusing on the role of school boards.

Ask Betsy's Team

OSBA staff answers your most frequently asked questions about board governance and meetings.

What do we have to do to fill a vacant position?

Question from Ask Betsy

Board candidate resources

Helpful articles to inform you about serving your local community as a school board member.

As we prepare to interview applicants for a vacant Board position, can we/do we provide the interview questions to the applicants prior to the interview? Are the other applicants allowed to be in the room (we know it is a public meeting) during the interview process?

Question from Ask Betsy

Our board will be interviewing three candidates to fill one vacant position on our board due to a resignation. While all interviews/conversations must be completed in public, it is difficult to talk about the applicants in public. Do you have any advice for a school board as it launches into this very public process?

Question from Ask Betsy

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