Governance: How does it work?

The Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) consists of the voting members of the OSBA board of directors and 19 representatives nominated and elected by local boards (school district, ESD, or community college) from 14 regions throughout the state.

The vice president of the OSBA board serves as the chair of the LPC and directs its activities in conjunction with OSBA’s membership, to whom the Legislative Policy Committee recommends policies and priorities. 

Individual LPC members report to and are responsive to boards in their region.

The Legislative Policy Committee develops OSBA’s legislative policies and priorities, which it recommends to the membership for approval at the annual membership meeting in November of even-numbered years. The committee also advises the executive director and staff during legislative sessions and may act on behalf of the association in accordance with those policies.

Be part of the process: What you can do

Developing our OSBA legislative agenda: What is the timeline?

Legislative Policies & Priorities

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