Effective Legislative Advocacy

As school board members, you are in an excellent position to educate and influence the legislative process.

  • You, like they, are elected officials and hold positions of influence within your community.

  • As the policy-makers for your school district, you play a direct and key role in carrying out the constitutional mandate that the legislature must "provide for a uniform and general system of common schools."

  • You have dealt with a myriad of issues at the local level and can therefore be an informed source of information about educational policy - from a local perspective.

  • You have the ability, as an elected official and educational leader in your community, to speak for and introduce your legislator to large groups of constituents - especially during the campaign season.

Advocacy - Building Relationships with Legislators (2667k This file is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Click here to download.) will strengthen your resolve, spark your creativity and deepen your confidence as you become the strongest voice for children in Oregon.

About OSBA's legislative advocacy

Communicating with your legislator by phone

Communicating your message by letter/FAX/email

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