Developing our OSBA legislative agenda: What is the timeline?

In January and May during even-numbered years, OSBA’s Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) meets to:

  • Study current public school issues and determine an OSBA legislative agenda to address them;
  • Review current legislative policies and priorities;
  • Recommend revised policies and priorities to the Board of Directors for adoption.

Between January and May during even-numbered years, OSBA:

  • Solicits member input about important legislative issues and the association’s position at Spring Regional Meetings and then other OSBA forums.

Between May and August during even-numbered years, OSBA:

  • Surveys members about their recommended legislative policies and priorities for the coming year.
  • Seeks member feedback through events such as Summer Board conference and through LPC regional representatives.

In September of even-numbered years:

  • The OSBA board of directors ratifies legislative policies and priorities for the upcoming legislative session based on the recommendations of the LPC and membership survey results.
  • OSBA prints and mails “OSBA’s Legislative Policies and Priorities” to all members. Board members are encouraged to use this document in discussions with their legislators and legislative candidates to promote OSBA’s legislative agenda during the campaign season leading up to the November General Election.

In November of even-numbered years, the membership, through the resolutions process:

  • Finalizes OSBA’s Legislative Policies and Priorities for the biennium.
  • In late November, board members receive revised copies of “OSBA’s Legislative Policies and Priorities” if changes were made by the membership at Convention.

During the Legislative Session:

  • The LPC meets to discuss legislative issues and the association’s positions as they relate to the adopted policies. These meeting are open to all OSBA members. Schedules will be announced on the calendar of events and in Legislative Highlights.

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