Be part of the process: What you can do

Run for OSBA's Legislative Policy Committee. Become one of 19 representatives nominated and elected by local boards (school district, ESD, or community college) from 14 regions (41k )throughout the state.

Schedule time on your board meeting agenda to discuss legislative issues and your concerns. Convey your concerns to OSBA before association policies and priorities are adopted. Respond to OSBA’s legislative priority survey.

Attend Legislative Policy Committee meetings. These meetings are open to all OSBA members. (Check the Calendar of Events for current schedules and locations.)

Prior notice of attendance is not required unless you wish to eat meals with the committee at your own expense.

Appoint a board member to monitor the process. Legislative Policy Committee members represent the local boards in their state Senate districts. Designate one of your board members to receive regular reports from and give regular feedback to the Legislative Policy Committee member that represents your board.

Attend the OSBA Spring and Fall Regional Meeting in your area. OSBA officers, directors and staff meet with local board members in locations throughout the state to discuss legislative issues and pending legislation affecting schools.

Follow legislative session action closely by regularly checking OSBA’s Web Site and reading Legislative Highlights, published weekly by OSBA during the legislative session.

Attend the OSBA/COSA Legislative Conference in Salem in February during legislative session, where legislative issues will be discussed in depth and board members meet with their legislators at the Capitol to discuss pending legislation.

Respond to legislative alerts e-mailed to you or your district and call your legislator when critical legislative issues need your voice during the legislative session.