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Our attorneys, human resource experts and labor negotiators assist, represent and train

Whether you need on-the-spot legal advice or continued guidance, you can rely on OSBA's legal services team.

Legal audits - OSBA can analyze your procedures to ensure that you comply with federal and state laws, including Title IX, special education, public records, discipline, hiring and dismissal practices.

Litigation - OSBA legal staff will represent you in court proceedings in cases regarding employment discrimination; employee discipline; student injury, harassment, constitutional claims and discipline; and civil rights complaints with  the Bureau of Labor and Industries, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Office for Civil Rights.

Administrative hearings - OSBA legal staff can represent you during hearings and arbitrations in employment disputes before the Fair Dismissal Appeals Board and the Employment Relations Board, in discrimination and equal-opportunity matters and during local board-level hearings.

GEC and TSPC representation - Our attorneys can represent you in front of the Government Ethics Commission and the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission.

Contracts - OSBA works with boards to draft and negotiate employment contracts, including superintendents and community college presidents.

Custom workshops - OSBA legal workshops address important issues: discrimination, hiring and termination, sexual harassment, student safety and special education.

School Law Conference - Each fall, we sponsor a conference with the University of Oregon and the Confederation of Oregon School Administrators to update administrators on school law issues.

Case summaries, sample contracts - We offer online case summaries of education-related court cases, links to state and federal courts, sample contracts and other resources.

Newsletters - Our legal services team produces two quarterly newsletters, Oregon School Law Reporter and Special Education Reporter, to update and inform districts, community colleges and ESDs about precedent-setting court cases.

Legal Assistance Trust - By joining OSBA's Legal Assistance Trust, members can receive assistance in covering the expense of litigating cases that have a statewide impact on schools.

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