Student Achievement Gateway Help

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The OSBA student achievement gateway is a central repository of information and analysis related to Oregon's efforts to improve student achievement. 

Navigating through the pages of the student achievement gateway

For each topic on your journey, look for the following three signposts:

This is an image of SAGNew New developments

This section contains the latest news on the topic. You'll want to check back often.

This is an image of SAGKey Key elements

This section is the topic's executive summary. It provides a quick overview of the topic and is designed for people who need a quick, at-a-glance summary.

This is an image of SAGExplorer Deeper explorations

Here you'll find in-depth analysis, timelines and background information on the selected topic along with links to information from other websites that OSBA staff believes will be useful to you.

Navigation buttons

Not sure how to work your way through the gateway pages? Use the buttons shown below to move from one subject to the next in a preset order. The "Home" button will take you back to the main Student Achievement Gateway page.

 This images takes you to the previous page.    This image takes you to the SAG Home page    This images takes you to the next page

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