Facility improvements and sustainability concepts

Webinar Series

Schools are fundamental building blocks to education and the community. A school district’s ability to maintain financial viability and facilities and increase student achievement is at the core of a great community. A team of experts and practitioners, just like you, have been assembled to guide you through topics all relating to sustainability and facility improvement.

Webinar No. 4

Surplus Properties - Finding the Right Suitor

May 18, 2012

Many Oregon districts are dealing with –

  • Declining enrollment,
  • Demographic shifts, and/or
  • Facilities with conditions that make it hard to justify further capital investment. 

The “what, where, why, and how” of determining strategy for a district’s real estate assets is difficult task. The question of how to best handle the sale or lease of a property so that it supports the district and the community has a few simple answers. 
Skip Rotticci has worked with more than 15 districts and developed a best practices model to help districts think through these challenging situations.

Take Away – Skip’s new best practices guide is available for $25 on the Center for Innovative School Facilties (CISF) website.


  • Chris Dudley, (Retired) Oregon School Boards Association
  • Skip Rotticci, Cushman Wakefield
Webinar No. 3

Doing more for yourself with long range planning

April 20, 2012

Long Range Facility Planning (LRFP) is a process all districts should and need to do. Finding the time to adequately involve all necessary and interested parties to thoroughly investigate the educational, financial and facility issues is rarely accomplished. A thoroughly developed LRFP can save the district money and will guide budget decisions that will have the greatest impact on providing the quality of education for students.

They will cover the basics of the process:

  • What is a Long Range Facility Plan and its importance
  • Specific issus to be considered in a LRFP including ORS 195.110 requirements
  • Stakeholders, educational representation and community involvement


  • Bob Collins, Project Manager and Owners Representative, Hill International
  • Scott Mutchie, K-12 Consultant, retired school superintendent, Hill International
  • Andy Bellando, Superintendent, Silver Falls School District
Webinar No. 2

Energy Projects - Complete them this summer with Cool Schools

March 16, 2012

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The Cool Schools team and regional specialist to help you with:


  • Access to lower interest rates;
  • Getting the project off the ground and packaged - help with the time consuming tasks; and
  • What tax credits are available.


Projects with a 20% energy savings will get a super low interest rate and automatically be eligible for special incentives. Hear from the team on how they can help you make sure your energy model is accurate, complete the paperwork, prepare materials for your board, develop the RFPs and manage the project.



  • Theresa Gibney and Dan Weldon, Oregon Department of Energy, Cool Schools program
  • Sue Densmore, Sue Densmore Communication Strategies
  • Scott Mutchie, Hill International


Webinar No. 1

Facility Funding: Looking for Money in all the right places

February 24, 2012 

Download presentation  

    In January and March, a policy brief on school facilities and student achievement was mailed to all superintendents. The brief was intended to be a starting point for talking about the best way the work to improve facilities can help move education and student achievement forward. If you didn't get a copy of the brief and would like one mailed, let us know.   

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