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Chalkboard has expanded Open Books,, beyond the already extremely valuable finance and student/staff data to encompass more comparative information such as student achievement data and more details about teachers, students and community demographics for all Oregon K-12 districts. It has expanded its resource library, adding useful links such as the Census Bureau and Oregon’s new diploma requirements.

Anyone associated with public education in Oregon knows how important accountability is to our citizens – and anyone who knows how important accountability is knows how much Chalkboard has accomplished with its Open Books online tools. The new site is a great tool for helping build public trust and support for public schools.

Every district should take full advantage of this great tool. Ensure that the changed Open Books site gets the fanfare it deserves on your district site and show community members the site whenever you get an opportunity.

Instructions on how to add the new logo to your site and stories you can add to your newsletters are available here.

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