Superintendent: Willamina School District, Willamina Oregon



Administrative Position Posting

Position Title:     Superintendent

Closing Date for Applications:     January 16, 2015

Salary range:    $99,000 to $103,000
                            Full Time 260 Day Contract w/20 Days Vacation
                            Excellent Benefits 

The Willamina School District Board of Education is seeking an individual who::             

  • Is a positive person who will build and take pride in students, staff and the community;
  • Is a good role model; is honest, ethical and has a high degree of integrity;
  • Is a good two-way communicator with students, staff, parents, the board and the community;
  • Is open-minded, caring and visible at school and community functions;
  • Has demonstrated success in dealing with conflict, including facilitating groups, building consensus and taking a stand when necessary;
  • Strives for and supports excellence in students, staff and self;
  • Is experienced in creating and implementing an effective public relations program;
  • Demonstrates personal discipline and strives for school system discipline;
  • Is familiar with small towns and their unique needs and situations; willing to stay for the long-haul by helping to implement an intermediate and long-term plan for the District while fostering partnerships with outside agencies, obtaining grant funds whenever possible;
  • Will work with students, staff and community to achieve the District’s goals;
  • Is knowledgeable and respectful and able to implement statutes, rules and policies governing the operation of public schools;
  • Supports and provides leadership to offer a well-rounded curricular and extracurricular program for grades K-12 with a commitment to strive for student excellence;
  • Is willing and has a commitment to the District and the students we serve;
  • Demonstrates skills in personnel management;
  • Provides proof of eligibility for a superintendent’s license.  

About the Area:

Willamina is a small rural community of about 2,000 people located at the base of the coastal mountains situated in a beautiful location with the Oregon coast only a short drive to the west and between Portland and Salem. The climate is mild and pleasant with adequate rainfall in the winter and generally dry summers.

About the District:

The Willamina School District encompasses an area of approximately 254 square miles and is located in Polk, Yamhill and Tillamook counties. There are approximately 850 students enrolled in one Jr./Sr. high school (grades 7-12) and one elementary school (grades K-6). There are two principals, 46 licensed teachers and 42 classified employees in the District. Willamina School District’s assessed valuation is approximately $322,809,215 and the District’s adopted budget for 2014-15 is $13,349,756.

Application requirements include:

  • A completed application form.
  • A current resume.
  • Three to five letters of recommendation/reference.
  • A letter of application stating the reasons you wish to be employed by the Willamina School District.
  • An essay which documents how you meet the personal and professional qualifications outlined in this brochure.

Materials must be mailed to:

Debra Eisele, Exec. Secretary
Superintendent Search
P.O. Box 1000
Willamina, OR 97396

For additional information, contact:

Debra Eisele,
Exec. Secretary
Phone: (503) 876-1500

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