Assistant Superintendent: Springfield School District, Springfield Oregon


Notice of Open Administrative Positions

Job Title:           Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
Reports To:       Superintendent
FLSA Status:     Exempt
Closing Date:     7:00 p.m. Friday, March 25, 2016

About the Position

The Assistant Superintendent is a member of the District Cabinet and is responsible for providing leadership and direction to achieve the District vision: Every Student a Graduate Prepared for a Bright and Successful Future. This individual is an instructional leader, oversees District curriculum and is the primary evaluator of the directors of instruction. Responsibilities include ensuring District and school educational objectives are aligned to the District vision, state frameworks, and best instructional practices that yield the highest standards of student achievement, instructional excellence and community support in all instructional areas.


  • Provides communication and support to the Superintendent to ensure that the District’s strategic plan, objectives and related performance are effectively communicated to internal and external audiences.
  • Participates with the Superintendent, members of the Cabinet, and instructional leadership team in strategic planning, policy and program development and problem resolution of complex issues and needs of the District.
  • Provides leadership for activities that directly affect students, staff, and patrons by providing administrative planning, training, and direction in order to coordinate and execute District strategic directions, goals, objectives, philosophies, and programs.
  • Supervises the effective, innovative and efficient implementation of all educational and instructional programs, pre-kindergarten – grade 14 school services, student services, alternative education, and curriculum and assessment, in compliance with local, state and federal regulations and the provisions of the District’s collective bargaining agreements.
  • Establishes District-wide expectations and accountability measures for the implementation of Oregon State Standards and the integration of educational technology into curriculum, including a sound and ongoing plan for professional development that supports Board-approved District goals.
  • Works collaboratively with District and building leadership to incorporate technology considerations into strategic planning and create a sustainable financial model that ensures faculty, staff, and students have equitable access to the technologies they need to support the District's mission, goals, and programs.
  • Plans and conducts meetings with District administrators to discuss developments that affect student achievement, school operations, policies, and programs.
  • Analyzes data regarding school improvement and provides feedback and/or recommendations to the School Board, Superintendent, Cabinet, school-based leadership team and schools regarding progress and needed target areas.
  • Directs and coordinates the development of budgets for all departments within areas of responsibility and controls expenditures within approved budgets.
  • Works collaboratively with District and building leadership to facilitate evidence-based instructional practices and an effective service delivery model for a tiered approach to instruction including General Education, and Special Education services.
  • Writes grants to secure funds for planning activities and program development, writing proposals according to guidelines provided in RFPs, securing funds, managing approved activities and expenditures for funded grants, and submitting year-end reports.
  • Oversees and coordinates with Human Resources and Financial Services, the staffing process for instruction-related building staff (certified and classified).
  • Participates in the recruitment, selection, assignment, and transfer of employees.
  • Provides communication and support to the School Board on behalf of, and in the absence of, the Superintendent, follows through on directions or decisions reached, and coordinates work with appropriate Cabinet member(s), other staff, and higher education.
  • Attends School Board, Budget Committee, and other District and community meetings, and serves as a member of the District’s certified and classified collective bargaining teams.
  • Works in conjunction with the Superintendent to establish relationships with the community, including higher education.
  • Communicates with internal and external stakeholders by receiving input on programs and providing information using print and digital media.
  • Meets with parents, civic and community groups to explain and interpret matters relating to the educational programs and policies of the District.\
  • Analyzes and manages sensitive issues that arise in the Superintendent’s office or in the District where proper handling is critical for a successful outcome or resolution.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Superintendent.

Major Planning Requirements

  • Assists in District-wide planning for the development and implementation of District and School Board strategic directions and their implementation.
  • Works with the District's Instruction and Technology staff to determine an adequate level of technology support for teaching and learning, including the establishment of renewal plans, curriculum adoption cycles, and staff professional development.
  • Assists the Superintendent in working with School Board leadership to plan School Board meetings and activities.
  • Directs the planning of school attendance boundaries.
  • Works with the District’s Facilities staff and site-based building teams in the planning of new schools, school additions, and remodels.

Key Attributes and Characteristics

  • Strong positive belief in all children and their ability to learn coupled with the conviction, commitment and the will to realize equitable outcomes for all students.
  • Shared belief in the power of the collective and a strong affinity for working together.  This includes a commitment to engaging proactively with all stakeholders utilizing processes and practices that are inclusive and effective in generating support for initiatives, efforts, or strategic direction in pursuit of Every Student a Graduate Prepared for a Bright and Successful Future.
  • Deep understanding and belief in prevention/intervention concepts and the ability to analyze, design, implement structures that support prevention/intervention strategies.
  • Ability to build capacity among the District’s total community of stakeholders.
  • Strong dedication to and understanding of collaborative approaches to addressing student needs at the District, building and classroom level.
  • Ability to bring about change with authenticity and awareness by anticipating problems, meeting needs, and shared decision-making, while working effectively as a member of the Superintendent’s Cabinet.
  • Understands, investigates, and evaluates the impact, or potential impact, that emerging technologies can have on instruction.
  • Places a high value on collaboration with institutions of higher education, community organizations, businesses and others who may provide innovative programs or solutions to advance student learning.
  • Demonstrates culturally proficient leadership when working with individuals, groups and programs, including navigating conflicts regarding race, ethnicity, religion, gender, class and language in a safe and productive manner.
  • Promotes equity of student access and outcomes by working collaboratively with students, staff, parents and community members from diverse racial, ethnic, religious, gender, class and language backgrounds.
  • Actively directs the development of District culture and instructional programs that support both District objectives and individual school objectives using culturally relevant teaching practices that provide equitable outcomes.
  • Works collaboratively with students, staff and parents from diverse racial, ethnic, religious, class and language backgrounds.
  • Understands, influences and responds appropriately to political, social, legal and cultural contexts.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Master’s degree or equivalent training; Doctorate preferred
  • Valid Oregon License: Superintendent or the ability to acquire one prior to July 1, 2016
  • Five years of executive experience resulting in acquired skills in planning, organizing, and directing a major area of responsibility
  • K-12 Central Office/Administration Building experience preferred
  • K-12 School-based teaching and/or administrative experience preferred

Proven ability and skilled in the areas of:

  • Identification, development, implementation, and assessment of all instructional programs.
  • Data analysis, management, disaggregation, and incorporation into school improvement.
  • Leadership at the executive level, including decision making, problem solving, managing budgets and delegation of authority.
  • Facilitating group processes, including consensus building and conflict resolution.
  • Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with District staff contacted in the course of work, as well as members of the public, such as patrons, attorneys, and members of local, state and national agencies and organizations.
  • Communicating effectively, orally and in writing, with stakeholders, local and state agencies, community colleagues, and other District personnel, both individually and in groups.
  • Writing, interpreting and explaining policies, practices, and procedures and implementation of legislation.

Compensation:     $120,000 – 130,000, plus an excellent comprehensive benefit package

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