Superintendent\Principal: Enterprise School District, Enterprise Oregon


Notice of Open Administrative Position

Position: Superintendent/Principal

Filing Deadline:     March 11, 2016, however the district retains the option of accepting applications until the position is filled.

About the Position

The Enterprise School District is seeking a superintendent/principal to replace Brad Royse who has led the district for the past fourteen years.

The Board is interested in a candidate who will make a long-term commitment to the district and its programs.  Candidates will be expected to share their short and long-term goals with the board.

While the district employs a high school principal, the superintendent will be expected to fulfill the dual role of superintendent and principal of the elementary school.  There are approximately 210 students enrolled K-6.  The elementary school and the high school share the same campus.  

Some of the immediate challenges the Board is hopeful will be addressed soon include:

  • Increasing math achievement and maintaining graduation success
  • Continued focus on issues surrounding testing mandates and common core curriculum
  • Increasing technology proficiency and access for students
  • Preparing for the impact of additional PERS obligations
  • Strategy for ongoing investments in aging facilities

At the same time there is much to celebrate in the Enterprise District including:

  • A strong combination of student achievement, a high graduation rate, and athletic successes
  • The high expectations the community holds for all students
  • Strong community support as evidenced by support from the Enterprise Education Foundation for music and art
  • An outstanding team of employees
  • Sound financial management

 About The District

The Enterprise School District is a small, rural school that consistently turns out exceptional students ready for life.  Whether students are college bound or inclined to go in another direction, there is a supportive environment that starts in the classroom and extends into the community.

The Enterprise School District includes grades K-12, all conveniently located on one campus in the heart of Enterprise’s residential district. The school was originally built in 1917 but in 2003, the community passed a $2.4 million bond measure, and the facility underwent major renovations to all internal heating and plumbing systems and the exterior. The result is a beautiful, functional campus for the students, faculty and families of the Enterprise School District.

The Enterprise School District enrolls about 385 students each year, with enrollment having stabilized over the past decade. Classroom sizes average 22 at the elementary level. The district is proud of its 97% graduation rate and of the consistent “exceptional” state ranking.

In Enterprise, limitations in size and budgets have brought out the best in Wallowa County’s citizens who step in year after year to provide innovative educational programs in science, art, and business; financial support through multiple scholarships, and mentoring for college and career preparation.  All of these efforts enrich the lives of students’ with respect to their educational programs and preparing them for life.  Enterprise has long been an athletic power and the teams enjoy huge community support.  With the help of the Enterprise Education Foundation, both art and music programs have been maintained in the schools.  

In the Enterprise School District, it is clear that staff members, parents, the community, and other students care about each student and work with them to expand their strengths and improve areas that need improving so they have the best opportunities available to create a quality life after high school.  This is done through extensive opportunities in and out of the classroom to encourage a strong work ethic, leadership skills, service to school and community, innovation and creativity in solving problems, and a standard of excellence.

The teachers live in Enterprise, and have sent or are sending their own children to the local schools.  Some staff members are even graduates of Enterprise High. This creates a passion and commitment to the quality of education that is provided, and a warm, personal relationship with the students unmatched in larger urban and suburban schools.  Year after year, the district hears the same thing from former students:  “I was better prepared than I thought I would be for college, and for life.”   What is provided in the Enterprise School District, with a dedicated community providing support, plays a big part in that.

About the Community

Enterprise is the county seat of Wallowa County and the largest community in that portion of northeastern Oregon with just under 2,000 residents. 

In Enterprise, there is a variety of people from all walks of life.  The community is a unique blend of fourth generation ranching or logging families who are joined by urban refugees, and others who have been drawn to the majestic beauty which surrounds Enterprise on all sides.  

Wide-open grassy meadows frame the town, with pine forests to the north and the Wallowa Mountains to the south.  The Wallowas are considered one of the seven wonders of Oregon.  The most popular place to access the mountains is through Joseph to Wallowa Lake.  At the south end of the lake is a recreation area, with a historic lodge, cabins, camping and a tramway to the top of the mountain. To the east is one of the earth’s deepest gorges, Hells Canyon. The Hells Canyon National Recreation Area offers excellent opportunities for hiking, camping, horseback riding, and truly “getting away from it all!”

To the north is a scenic highway that leads to Clarkston and Lewiston.  In between, travelers can jump off the main road and visit the tiny communities of Troy and Flora while enjoying the Grande Ronde River and its tributaries.  The world-renowned Snake River forms the eastern boundary of the county.    

Enterprise and the surrounding area have become one of the centers for western bronze art.  Three bronze foundries and many artists call the area home.    

Qualities and Qualifications

  • Likes to be around students and demonstrates personal characteristics such as integrity,  honesty,  a sense of humor, and a heart for children
  • An understanding of the culture, values and dynamics of a rural community
  • An open, collaborative leadership style with a willingness to listen but also self-confident and capable of making and standing behind hard decisions when necessary
  • An interest in the improvement of instruction and assuring staff has the resources necessary to enhance classroom performance
  • A leadership style characterized by the skill to inspire, motivate, and empower others
  • A passion to finding ways to improve student achievement
  • Sound financial management skills and the ability to maintain the district’s current solid fiscal position 
  • The ability to effectively communicate fiscal issues to the board, staff, and community
  • Exceptional communication skills – both written and verbal as well as exceptional human relations skills and the ability to relate to a wide variety of individuals
  • The capacity to visualize where the district should be in the future
  • Experience as a classroom teacher and an understanding of the classroom setting is preferred as is previous administrative experience
  • Easily accessible to the district in order to handle emergencies as well as the ability to be highly-visible in the classrooms, at extra-curricular events and in the community.  

Board Members

Keli Christman, chair
Kate Fent, vice-chair
Nils Christoffersen
Adrian Harguess
Mike Wiedeman

Application Procedures/Timelines/Compensation

The district is offering a contract in the $96,000-$102,000 range including a generous benefits package. The contract length is negotiable but the district is anxious to maintain a long-term relationship.

Applications are due March 11, 2016, however the district retains the option of accepting applications until the position is filled.  

Those interested in pursuing this position are urged to contact Northwest Leadership Associates through George Murdock at 541-278-4691 or at  Contacts may also be made with Dr. Dennis Ray at

Application Materials
A completed application packet should include:

  • A letter of interest addressing the qualities, qualifications, and expectations outlined in this posting
  • Resume including information about potential references
  • Four letters of recommendation
  • A completed application form

All Application Materials Should Be Sent to:

George Murdock, Northwest  Leadership Associates
191 NW Johns Lane
Pendleton, Oregon 97801

Candidates sending materials by anything other than the U. S. Postal Service are encouraged to contact the consultant in advance at 541-278-4691.  Candidates are reminded that due to the short turn-around time, materials received in advance of the deadline can often receive a more comprehensive review.