Administrator: Eagle Charter School, Salem Oregon



Positon:     Administrator

Closing date:     June 15, 2016 (but open until filled)

Employment begins:     August 1, 2016

About the Position

Eagle Charter School is an independent (state-sponsored) K-5 charter school located in Salem Oregon with 144 students.  Our charter focus is MicroSociety.  Eagle is a miniature replica of the global society, bringing real life experiences into the classroom.  Hands-on activities, student-initiated ventures, and traditional course work combine to encourage student investment in the learning process.  Students become business managers, workers, consumers, bankers, legislators, judges, peace keepers, journalists, and more.  In doing so, students create and take part in every aspect of a model society, including learning to deal with its troublesome aspects, economic changes due to market success and failure, all of which prepares students for life in the “real world.”

The Administrator is the chief administrative leader of the school and is responsible for all aspects of the school including staffing, building maintenance, budget, programs, community outreach, teaching and learning. The Administrator is expected to know and practice excellent leadership, supervisory, and administrative skills and to use independent judgment and decision-making as needed for daily school operation. The Administrator answers directly to the Board of Directors.

Minimum Requirements

  • Master's degree in the field of education;
  • Five years of teaching experience;
  • Three years of administrative experience (preferred);
  • Current Oregon administrator license or eligibility to obtain one.

Job Functions and Qualifications

  • Success in leading the improvement of student learning, as evidenced by the improvement of school-based data points.
  • Success in supporting and sharing the organizational vision while collaborating with diverse staff to accomplish goals and problem solve.
  • Knowledge of and successful experience with Standards based teaching, Professional Learning Communities, building capacity with staff, instructional improvement and evaluation, classroom management, team management, technology integration and organizational change
  • Knowledge of effective inclusionary practices for emerging bilingual students and students with special needs.
  • Effectiveness in using computer technologies to enhance instruction and manage building functions.
  • Effectiveness representing the school in the community through business partnerships and activities.
  • Ability to foster an environment that focuses on quality results while motivating, developing, and supporting a diverse staff, encouraging continuous improvement, and working effectively as a member of a diverse team.
  • Strong work ethic and ability to work outside regular office hours as needed to accomplish tasks, provide support and staff development, or meet with other constituents.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in both written and verbal form with the ability to make clear, persuasive, and engaging presentations to groups.
  • Knowledge of teacher evaluation and demonstrated ability to apply this knowledge in K-5 public charter school.
  • Familiarity with staff hiring process, including job posting, candidate screening and interviews.
  • Familiarity with charter school budget process
  • Ability to oversee execution of budget
  • Knowledge of Oregon state reporting processes
  • Knowledge of Oregon public procurement process
  • Knowledge of Oregon charter school rules and processes (including charter renewal)
  • Must be available to attend Annual MicroSociety Conference June 27-28 in Hartford CT

Salary and Benefits

Base salary range of $60,000-$70,000 per year

Eligible for Oregon PERS; health benefits provided; paid sick leave provided

Application Requirements

  • Letter of Interest
  • Completed Application Form
  • Current Resume
  • Copy of teaching or administrator license
  • Completed Education Philosophy Questionnaire
  • Letters of Recommendation (3-5 preferred)

Applications should be submitted to the Search Consultant as e-mail attachments.

Greg McKenzie, Search Consultant
Window to Leadership, LLC dba NextUp Leadership
1470 Rosemont Road
West Linn, Oregon 97068
Phone:  503-752-2438 Email: or

For more information about the school or the position please contact:

Miranda Curliss, Office Manager
Eagle Charter School
999A Locust Street, NE
Salem OR 97301
Phone:   503-339-7114