Performance pay primer - implementation guidelines

Finally, the study identified nine points districts should follow to ensure success in a school-based performance program:

  • Provide feedback on results of past assessments to help teachers refine curriculum and instruction.
  • Make sure that school-based performance award program goals do not compete with other school goals.
  • Institutionalize a consistent source of funding for school-based performance awards.
  • Set the bonus amount high enough to compensate for increased stress and hours worked.
  • Involve teachers in the design and implementation process so they help decide the improvement levels sought and the program mechanics.
  • Measure every performance goal in a systematic, valid and realizable way.
  • Select equitable measures that address student mobility, students with disabilities, limited English proficient students, students from low-income back-grounds, etc., to calculate awards.
  • Attain the principal’s active support.
  • Evaluate and adjust the school-based performance award program as needed.

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