Reductions in force - the Board's role

The purpose of the 30-minute video is to give board members and the administrators who support them an overview of the roles of the board and the appropriate process and procedures that are followed by the district administrator for reductions in force. This discussion does not replace a conversation with your attorneys about any specifics regarding your district.


  • The types of reduction in force and what these terms mean: layoffs, non-renewals, non-extensions
  • Roles and procedures - Board's role, administrator's role, process and procedures, appeals


  • Lisa Freiley - Associate Executive Director, Legal, Labor & Employment Services
  • Betsy Miller-Jones, Associate Director, Board Development and Policy Services


  • Part 1:
  • Part 2:
  • Other resources

    • Layoff and recall basics - Teacher and administrator layoff procedures are addressed in ORS 342.934 and in collective bargaining agreements. 
    • Layoff matrix - Downloadable Excel file to assist administrators in making merit and competence determinations when conducting layoffs with licensed staff and administrators.