Employee job descriptions

Current and accurate job descriptions for all staff members help resolve human resource challenges efficiently and effectively when the needs arise. Comprehensive job descriptions protect the employer as well as employees.

Job descriptions are a critical element in identifying specific skill sets, required duties, physical demands and the expectations employers have for their employees. If layoffs and budget cuts have resulted in staff reductions and remaining employees taking on new and additional roles, it is imperative to update your job descriptions.

No one is more qualified to review and revise your job descriptions. We work hard for you and are efficient, responsive, friendly and accurate.

OSBA's labor and employment services team has a wealth of field experience and current insight into the intricacies of school district, ESD and community college positions statewide. We can help craft well defined and concise job descriptions to meet your specific needs and ensure compliance with the:

  • American Disabilities Act,
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act, and
  • The latest revisions in state and federal laws.

Updating your job descriptions will keep you one step ahead when hiring, managing workers' compensation claims and transferring employees.

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