Licensed/faculty and classified staff insurance cap methods

This is an image of Insurance cap methods chart 2007-2008

Data based on review of district collective bargaining contracts.

Fully Paid Method
The employer pays the full premium cost for the designated health plan, regardless of cost.

Straight Percent Cap
The employer contributes a set percentage of the premium, regardless of the actual price of the insurance coverage.

Cap and Split the Increase
The employer contributes a set dollar or a set percentage amount toward payment of the premium, and splits the premium increase with employees.

Cap and Percent Increase
Similar to the CPI formula, except the parties determine a set percent or up to a percentage increase.

Same for Duration
The ultimate cap: the cap is set at a single level for the duration of the contract. 

Straight $Cap
The employer contributes a set dollar amount toward payment of the insurance program, regardless of actual total amount. 

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