Collective bargaining video series

This video series presents information, guidelines and answers to frequently asked questions about the role of board members during the collective bargaining process. Legal, Labor and Employment Attorney Jeff Heinrich and Associate Director of Board Development and Policy Services Betsy Miller-Jones carry on a conversation exploring the three phases of collective bargaining. Become better informed about your role in bargaining and the overall process by listening to each of these 10 minute video chats.

Part I - Naming the bargaining team and setting bargaining goals

The bargaining process begins with the naming of the bargaining team and setting bargaining goals. Hear from the experts who should be on the team, pros and cons of each, and what direction the board should provide to the bargaining team. In this episode we explore the frequently asked questions and the do's and don'ts of the first steps to bargaining.


Part II - Communications during negotiations

Join us for a discussion of the process of bargaining and the role board members play in communicating with staff, members of the public and the bargaining team while bargaining takes place.


Part III - Bargaining proposals and ratifying the contract

In our concluding video of the three part series on collective bargaining we discuss the do's and don'ts for board members when handling bargaining proposals and ratifying the contract. We then address the frequently asked questions and "what if's" that board members need to know.

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Do you have some suggestions about what board members can and can’t say, and should and should not do during collective bargaining?