California certificated staff performance incentive

The 1999 California State Legislature passed The Public Schools Accountability Act (PSAA), authorizing the creation of a new educational accountability system for California public schools. Its primary goal is to help schools improve the academic achievement of all students.

The California Certificated Staff Performance Incentive Act established one of three PSAA awards designed to recognize schools, and staff at those schools, that meet their Academic Growth Index (API) growth targets. The Certificated Staff Performance Incentive provides a one-time performance award to teachers and other certificated staff in underachieving schools, where the academic performance of pupils significantly improves beyond the minimum percentage growth target established.

All schools with an aggregate score for student performance on the API below the 50th percentile in 1999 are eligible. The school has to meet a number of conditions including growth in the Stanford Achievement Test 9 (SAT9), 2000 API must show at least 2 times annual growth target, all subgroups must make 80% of school target, K-8 schools must have 95% SAT9 participation and 9-12 schools must have 90% participation.

The 100 million dollars appropriated will be distributed based on growth. The greatest gains receive the most money. The award is based on approximately 1,000 certificated staff receiving $25,000 each, approximately 3,750 receiving $10,000 each, and approximately 7,500 receiving $5000 each. Certificated personnel receiving funds will be decided by local districts in negotiation with the teachers’ union.

To learn more about this award and results visit the California Department of Education site.

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