Pandemic and Outbreak Threats Resources

Pandemic and outbreak threats resources and information

OSBA urges districts to develop or review pandemic flu or other virus outbreak plans, be vigilant and responsive, and work with your local health department officials. 

Here are some resources to help you:

  • Locate contact information for your local health department.
  • For small or single-building school districts, contact your local ESD for assistance in maintaining business, reporting, or financial services in event of a school closure.
  • For multiple-building school districts, discuss the process for notifying schools where siblings of students in closed schools attend.
  • Review teacher and classified employee contracts for any restrictions or limitations on your ability to change work schedules or assignments. Contact the designated representative for your local bargaining unit to discuss a response to possible flu outbreak and school closure.
  • Review the Centers for Disease Control Resources for child care programs, schools, colleges and universities

Planning resources from OSBA

More online resources for pandemic and outbreak threats planning

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