Pandemic Threats - Policy Issues

Pandemic threats: Policy issues

  • Who is in charge of administering the district's operational pandemic plan, and what are the responsibilities of others who will implement parts of the plan?
  • What steps will the district take to stop the spread of influenza? What measures will the district take to enforce social distancing? What products does a district need to have on hand to stop the spread of influenza?
  • In a pandemic, how will sick students be identified? How will sick students be transported home? Where will sick students go if they cannot be transported home immediately? What are the risks to staff?
  • Do privacy laws such as HIPAA affect what student health information school districts are able to disclose to the local health department and others?
  • How will students, particularly those with or without access to technology at home, continue to be educated during a pandemic?
  • What special requirements will English language learners and students with disabilities need? How will services be provided to students enrolled in the free and reduced meals program?
  • How will the district respond to community groups requesting the use of school facilities during a pandemic? What plans have to be made if the local health department intends to use the school as a medical facility during a pandemic?
  • How will the district communicate with stakeholders during a pandemic?
  • Will the school board adopt a more liberal employee leave policy during a pandemic? Will employees be paid if they are unable to work or if the school is closed? What effect will this have on state and federal laws and leave provisions of collective bargaining agreements?

Adapted from the National School Boards Association's "Preparing for Pandemic Flu," Inquiry & Analysis

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