Sample opening comments to audience

This opening comment can be used by the board president at the beginning of every open forum or public comment portion to ensure consistency in approach at every meeting. The procedures should also appear in written form in a board meeting brochure. Adapt these comments based on your own board policy.

"On behalf of fellow Board members, at this time I would like to invite any member of the audience to step to the microphone with comments about items of interest or concern that do not appear on the agenda this evening. Please begin by stating your name and address. It would be appreciated if you would limit your comments to (insert time in your board policy) minutes so that we can keep the meeting moving in a timely fashion and allow others an opportunity to speak. We ask that you remember that Oregon law prohibits us from discussing specific employees or their job performance. If you have thoughts to share about items that are included as topics for tonight's meeting, we would invite those comments when we reach that point in the meeting. Thanks for your support of our school district/ESD/community college."

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