School Board Recognition Month: Model ESD proclamation

The superintendent or ESD's public information officer should ask your city's mayor or manager, your city council, the Chamber of Commerce board of directors, and/or the county commissioners to proclaim January as School Board Recognition Month in your community. Publicize this action with a press release and in your ESD's newsletter.


WHEREAS, Education Service District Boards exist to meet the diverse education needs of the school districts and students in their regions;

WHEREAS, ESD boards focus resources on providing vital, innovative and cost-effective strategies to meet those diverse needs;

WHEREAS, ESD boards help establish the vision for educational excellence in what students should know and be able to do;

WHEREAS, ESD boards are accountable to the community for assisting the districts they serve to increase student achievement;

WHEREAS, ESD boards create a climate that supports the philosophy that all children can learn, targeting resources, strategies and services to students who need special help to reach this goal;

WHEREAS, ESD boards build collaborative relationships based on trust, teamwork and shared accountability; and

WHEREAS, ESD boards are committed to continuous education and training on issues related to best practices in education services for their districts;

NOW, THEREFORE, (I/We), hereby declare (my/our) appreciation to the members of the (ESD name) Board of Education and proclaim the month of January to be School Board Recognition Month.

(I/We) urge all citizens to join (me/us) in recognizing the dedication and hard work of ESD board members in preparing today's students for tomorrow's world.



For more information contact Alex Pulaski at 800-578-6722 or via e-mail at

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