School Board Recognition Month

January is School Board Recognition Month in Oregon.

The Oregon School Boards Association has set aside the month of January to honor the unpaid elected volunteers who serve on Oregon’s 197 local school boards, our 19 education service district boards, and our 17 community college boards. These dedicated local leaders give their personal time and energy to handling the critical tasks of budgeting and overseeing the management of Oregon’s public education structure.

We encourage school districts, education service districts, mayors and other local officials to join OSBA in celebrating “School Board Recognition Month” in January. By doing so, you can help educate citizens about the importance of public schools and the people who ensure that Oregon’s children receive the education they need to prosper in today’s global economy.

The following resources can help you in this effort:

  • Model proclamation: Customize or edit this text for a proclamation of School Board Recognition Month by your mayors or other appropriate local officials.

  • Model ESD proclamation: Customize or edit this text for a proclamation that honors ESD boards for their innovative services to school districts in their respective regions.

  • News release: Customize and edit this news release for submission to local newspapers or inclusion in district newsletters.

  • The Key Work of School Boards: This document presents “areas of focus” that can assist in planning activities for public engagement during School Board Recognition Month.

Engaging the community in budget development

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