Community engagement resources

Budget Communication Tools - Inform and involve your community in the process of setting spending priorities.

Boards and Community Engagement  - Tips to help boards establish two-way communication between the organization and the community it serves.

Community Relations Checklist for the Board - Is your board doing what it takes to foster effective community relations.

Tangible Triumphs: Increase Community Support Through Communication - Oregonians aren't getting enough of the right information about their local schools to create a very big fan club for education. Maybe it's time to change your message.

Key Communicator Network (Building Support for Your Schools) - Personal face-to-face contact is the most effective communication method to build support for schools.

Building Meaningful Partnerships - Basic steps for building partnerships between businesses and schools.

Building Collaborative Relationships - It is the responsibility of the board to build collaborative relationships with political and business leaders in order to develop a consensus for student success.

Being a Spokesperson for Education - Tips to help you assure people in your community that your schools are delivering what is expected.

Communicating with Diverse Populations - How do we communicate with, and involve, the changing face of Oregon?

Communicating During the Board Meeting - Your meetings can be a gold mine of information about your organization for staff and the community but you’ve got to get people to the meetings and make it easy for them to get the information.

Welcome to a Meeting of Your School Board - OSBA has created a brochure you can use to "Welcome" the public to your school board meeting.

Peaceful, Productive Public Meetings (67k This file is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Click here to download.) - The living nightmare of almost every superintendent and school board member is the public meeting that turns into a confrontation.

How to Organize a Successful Community Legislative Forum - When legislators arrived at Forest Grove's 2003 legislative forum, their surprise was obvious. Well over 300 people awaited them, filling every chair and standing several deep around the room.

Conduct Paperless Board Meetings with BoardBook® - Increase community support while saving time and money by streamlining assembly and distribution of meeting notices, packets and minutes.

Back to School Week Archive - While Back to School Week officially ended in 2004 the ideas offered here on how to invite the community to your schools are still valuable today.

Census primer for school boards

Schools at the heart of communities

Tangible triumphs: Increase support for schools by changing your message