Ideas to involve senior citizens in back to school week

Senior citizens have a wealth of experience they can share with your students. Here are some ideas to increase their participation in your schools.

  • Invite a local senior center to hear your elementary school choir, a spelling bee or a geography bee. Have your students recite poetry or read essays about their own grandparents. Invite your guests to stay for lunch.
  • Call the activities coordinator of a local assisted living apartment or adult living center and arrange transportation to a special afternoon or early evening showing of your high school drama production. Arrange refreshments with the cast and students afterwards.
  • Invite school alumni for a "back to school" day; honor them at a school assembly. Ask your guests to talk about how the school and education have changed. Have them visit a classroom and stay for lunch.
  • Honor your community’s veterans. Call your American Legion or local veterans organization, invite them to your school and honor them at an assembly. Have your guests stay for lunch and listen to a patriotic choir presentation or a reading of essays.
  • Do you have a retired teachers association in your community? Invite them to come back to school to read stories to students, share what school was like in the "old days." Again, plan refreshments.
  • Offer to have your middle school computer class teach a group of seniors how to use the Internet.
  • Ask all of the students to invite their own grandparents to their classroom for a morning and stay for lunch. Ask the students to write personal invitations and mail them to their grandparents. If students don't have a grandparent close by, have them invite another relative or neighbor.


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