Ideas to involve elected officials in back to school week

Involving elected officials in your schools is important. Here are some ideas that are easy to implement.

  • Invite congressional representatives, state legislators, city council members and county commissioners. Include your city manager, planning director, library director, police and fire chiefs, local newspaper editor... the possibilities are endless!
  • Send a letter inviting your elected officials to visit your high school and be on a panel in an American Government class.
  • Invite local officials to visit your student government class and discuss leadership. Ask the student council to host an elected official throughout a morning of their regular classes. Schedule a town-hall-style meeting with students at lunch.
  • Ask your elected officials to be honorary principals for a day at each of your schools. Allow them to shadow the principal through a typical school day.
  • Invite a group of officials to visit one of your successful programs: FFA, technology center, ESL classroom, language immersion program, theater arts - you know your strengths and your needs!

Hint: To get elected officials into your building, be flexible about the date and time. And let them know you are inviting the press!

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