OSBA services for charter schools

As associate members of OSBA, public charter schools also have access to a wide array of training opportunities and other benefits including insurance services and much more.

What OSBA services offer you

  • Provides access to expert advice in policy, including updates recommended for board policies
  • Provides access to expert advice on legal and human resource issues
  • Provides professional development for board members
  • Provides access to communication specialists to help with community relations
  • Saves you time accessing statewide services

OSBA offers these services and resources for public charter schools.

Policy Services

Charter schools are unique and so are their policy manuals. Let us help you prepare policies with onsite training, meetings and document preparation through our Policy Services. Our process will leave you with a complete policy manual that complies with state and federal laws.

  • Sample charter school policies on CD - OSBA created sample policies regarding charter school governance, fiscal management, personnel, students, instruction, support services and community relations. These policies have been vetted through the Oregon Department of Education, OSBA's legal division and with input from certain public charter schools and organizations.
  • Customized policy manual - The charter school policy service includes comprehensive policy drafting and maintenance to meet legal requirements and specific charter school needs.
  • Subscriptions - OSBA offers four subscription options to meet your needs.
  • Contact Policy Services at, 800-578-6722 or 503-588-2800.

Legal Services

OSBA offers Legal Services assistance to public charter schools in these areas:

  • Legal/employee management guidance - Public charter schools have access to OSBA legal and employee management services. (OSBA cannot represent public charter schools in conflict with sponsoring districts.)
  • Bylaws - OSBA can assist with developing and revising charter school bylaws.
  • Contact OSBA.

Board Development

  • Workshops - OSBA offers workshops for charter schools and/or sponsoring district boards related to board roles and responsibilities, ethics laws, public meetings laws and other topics customized to specific needs. Contact Peggy Holstedt.
  • Annual convention - OSBA encourages charter school officials to present workshops at annual convention. OSBA begins accepting workshop proposals each March. Contact Board Development staff.
  • Online leadership training - From ethics laws to special education requirements, numerous courses are offered online for board members to access when and where it is convenient for them. Contact Board Development staff.

Legislative Services

OSBA staff advocates for, and provides a strong voice in the Legislature on behalf of public education. Legislative Services works to introduce and support legislation in-line with OSBA board goals and Legislative Policies and Priorities such as: providing adequate funding; supporting student achievement; and maintaining local board control.

Communication Services

OSBA's Communication Services help you define, refine and deliver your message, whether you're handling a crisis, drafting a strategic communications plan or preparing for a bond election.

Financial Services

  • PACE -- Property and Casualty Coverage for Education - As associate members, charter schools can purchase property and liability insurance designed for schools. Contact Frank Stratton at 503-371-8667 or visit
  • PaySchools - Online payment processing service designed for schools. Low rates and ease of use make this an easy tool for parents and patrons to pay fees. Contact OSBA at or call 800-578-6722 or 503-588-2800 locally.

Associate Membership

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