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Peggy Holstedt
Board Development and Policy Services Director

Lori Sattenspiel
Legislative Specialist

Peggy Stock
Legal, Labor & PACE Services Consultant

Charter schools are one of the innovative educational endeavors used to meet the wide range of needs for a variety of learners. Our goal is to help districts and charter schools with the legal framework, policies and leadership skills that ensure beneficial relationships among districts, charters and communities.

OSBA's experienced leadership, policy and legal staff help school district boards understand charter law, comply with procedural requirements and make informed, well-reasoned decisions. 

  • We can help districts and charter schools fit together the many pieces of the puzzle that create a successful learning environment, and if districts and charters experience difficulties, we're here to help you sort it out.
  • If a group is preparing a charter school application, we can help ensure the application is complete, conduct a comprehensive review, and hold public hearings. We'll help you through analysis and the approval process.
  • We can help develop charter contracts and negotiate contract terms.
  • When your charter contract nears expiration, we can train your board and staff on renewal requirements and procedures, review renewal requests and provide advice.
  • When charter renewals are approved, we work with you to review and revise contracts.
  • When the charter school needs a board policy manual, we work with administrators to develop policy.

Charter school boards are invited to join OSBA as associate members. The charter school will receive the services and benefits of an associate membership.  

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