Solveras: a check recovery service

Tired of dealing with returned checks?

Solveras is a solution. You’ll relieve staff from tracking down check writers and give them time to do other important work. And the best part - it’s free to you.

The service works like this - checks returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF) are sent to Solveras which then electronically re-presents the check to the account it was written from. Once funds are recovered, they are deposited directly into your account weekly. You’ll also get an itemized statement of the transactions. A returned check fee is charged to the check writer.

Not only does the service relieve your staff of an unpleasant task, but the check writer is saved from rewriting the check and the potential embarrassment from letters or phone calls.


  • You’ll receive a rebate for each recovered check. Usually about $5 per check.
  • Not intrusive, abrasive or confrontational for the check writer.
  • Fast - funds are recovered faster than traditional collection methods.

Want to know more? Read the frequently asked questions and then contact Josie Hummert

Oregon Association of School Business Officials (OASBO) and OSBA have reviewed the service and endorse it.