PaySchools - online payment processing

Looking for an online payment system?

Look no further. PaySchools was built for schools. You can count on the safety and reliability of PaySchools for you and your patrons. What’s better, the system can handle all types of transactions you would otherwise receive cash or checks for. Anything from lunch and sports fees to retiree health insurance payments and other one-of payments.

Not only does Payschools save time and money, but it can assist in creating checks and balances. Staff don’t have to handle cash, act as salespeople or follow up on lost or forgotten checks. Employees no longer have to manage large quantities of payments and can focus on other important tasks.

Payschools is easy for patrons to navigate, too. Credit card processing is handled by PayPal so credit card numbers are never stored on servers or seen by the district or PaySchools. Patrons who already have a PayPal account don’t have to create an account and it’s easy to create an account for those new to paying online.

Other benefits for patrons
  • Convenient: Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and view payment history
  • Control: Eliminate lost checks or cash
  • Timely: Payments can be transferred immediately to a student's account.
How it works

Once your account has been set up, a training representative will walk you through set up and show you all the features. You’ll have the opportunity to actually set up a few products to help you get started. There is an online help manual available and the training representative is a phone call or email away.

The PaySchools system will create a web address for each category and product which you will post on your website. Payments made through the system will be deposited to your designated account three days after the initial transaction. One cumulative deposit will be made per day. In addition, the fees charged per transaction will be deducted once a month after you receive notice of the amount. Reports can be ran daily, weekly or monthly on your schedule because you have access to the transactions information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Other features
  • Option for one merchant account for all schools
  • Flat rate, per-transaction fees are based on amount of sales
  • Instant notification of payments
  • No set-up, licensing, administrative or annual fees
  • No monthly minimum payments
  • No returned checks or charge-backs to the district
  • Works with most food service point-of-sale software


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Getting started
  1. Check out the PaySchools website or contact a representative at 1-866-PAY-5353 Option 1.
  2. Complete the Participation Agreement (52k This file is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Click here to download.). Fax to PaySchools at 515-243-4992.
  3. Set up a training session with a PaySchools training representative.
  4. Ready, Set, Go!

PaySchools was created especially for schools by Iowa School Boards Association and is now used by school districts in 20 states. PaySchools is available in Oregon from the Oregon School Boards Association.