Policy rewrite

Good policy is essential to good management

Our rewrite service will coordinate the board policy rewrite project from draft stage, through review, and finally to completion. Along the way we can provide training and in-person consultation, and preparation of recommended changes to current board policies.

The complete rewrite process may take 8-10 meetings, most often in 2- to 4-hour meetings, or can be completed in as few as 1 to 2 meetings that may be day long. The committee may be made up of the board, administration and other district staff, or just the administration. Meetings are generally held monthly, but may be scheduled to meet the needs of the parties involved, however we recommend holding meetings no more than six weeks apart. The board policy rewrite process encourages discussions, consensus building and clarification of policy and related issues, resulting in a complete, up-to-date board policy manual.

Watch a video training about this Policy service.

Policy drafts are customized and existing language will be used when possible.

The policy manual is divided into nine sections*:

  • Section A/B - Board Governance
  • Section C - Administration
  • Section D - Fiscal Management
  • Section E - Support Services
  • Section F - Facilities
  • Section G - Personnel
  • Section I - Instruction
  • Section J - Students
  • Section K/L - Community Relations

*OSBA requires all rewrite project participants to convert to a letter coding system.

Using analysis information, policy drafts are written by section. These drafts are then sent to the committee prior to the scheduled meetings to allow time for board members/administrators to review drafts. An OSBA policy specialist facilitates each policy meeting, highlighting any requirements of laws or rules, discussing possible options and answering questions as each policy is customized.

The cost of a rewrite is based on the organization size. We encourage subscribers to consider our Policy Updatemanual maintenance or online policy services, and a subscription to Policy Plus, following a rewrite to keep the board policy manual current and up-to-date.

Policy analysis - Another option to document the current status and needs of your existing policy manual.

Price information

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