Policy Plus

Keep your policy manual updated and receive a desk rewrite at the end of four years!

Our newest subscription service takes the guesswork out of maintaining policy manuals. As laws changes we will update your policies for board approval. Then you choose between the standard manual maintenance or online policy service and we'll take care of the rest. You'll still get Policy Update to stay informed -- we just do the work for you.

This OSBA subscription service is for districts, ESDs, community colleges or public charter schools that have completed a policy rewrite using OSBA services within the past four years and have maintained either a manual maintenance service or web-hosted policy manual service. The new service can be added to a "manual maintenance" or "web-hosted board policy manual" for current subscribers. Others can qualify for the service but are subject to certain conditions.

Here is how it works

Subscribers pay a monthly fee to participate in the program and contract for a four-year service agreement with OSBA. During that time subscribers will receive a quarterly Policy Update publication, continue their current subscription of manual maintenance service and/or web-hosted policy manual and will receive help from staff in maintaining current policy documents. This means, following each Policy Update, a packet of the current Policy Updates are applied to the board policy manual and shipped for review and adoption. During the last quarter of the contract period, subscribers will receive the option of requesting a desk rewrite through OSBA.

Price information

Contact OSBA staff to inquire about pricing.