Policy desk rewrite

The desk rewrite service is available for colleges, education service districts, school districts or public charter schools. The member schedules their own meetings and the policy service and adoption by the board must be completed within a 12-month time period. This service provides the member with two complete hard copy final manuals and a CD of the same formatted in Word. 

Policy drafts are written using existing sample policy and administrative regulation language.

The policy manual is divided into nine sections*:

  • Section A/B - Board Governance
  • Section C - Administration
  • Section D - Fiscal Management
  • Section E - Support Services
  • Section F - Facilities
  • Section G - Personnel
  • Section I - Instruction
  • Section J - Students
  • Section K/L - Community Relations

*OSBA requires all desk rewrite project participants to convert to a letter coding system; a conversion fee may apply.

Watch a video training about this service.

Using analysis information, policy drafts are written by section. These drafts are then sent to the customer for the board or policy committee members/administrators to review drafts. The cost of a desk rewrite is based on the organization size.

We require desk rewrite customers to subscribe to either our online policy manual or manual maintenance services, and the Policy Plus service, following a desk rewrite to keep the board policy manual current and up-to-date.

Policy Analysis - Another option to document the current status and needs of the board's existing policy manual.

Price information

Contact OSBA staff to inquire about pricing.