Policy manual maintenance

OSBA's manual maintenance service is for colleges, education service districts, school districts and public charter schools, and includes:

  • Quarterly Policy Update with sample policies which reflect state and federal law and rule changes as well as current issues and local needs;
  • Complete word processing service performed by OSBA, including policy language modifications by the organization and adoption dates;
  • Two copies to update policy manuals;
  • Ongoing consultant services.

Review and adoption guidelines


After adoption of recommended changes (provided in Policy Update) or own edits, districts/community colleges/ESDs/public charter schools can send OSBA the final adopted policies and/or administrative regulations, with changes apparent. Policy professional staff will review board changes and make other recommended changes as appropriate. Policy support staff will make revisions as requested, noting edits required and return reformatted policies and/or administrative regulations in hardcopy (and Word when requested), including updated legal references and cross references, to the subscriber within one week. Certain conditions and other costs may apply, please call OSBA policy services.


Price information

The cost for this service is $595 per year.