Policy for charter schools

Charter School Policy Service

Charter schools are unique and so are their policy manuals. Let us help you prepare policies with onsite training, meetings and document preparation. Our process will leave you with a complete policy manual that complies with state and federal laws.

The sample policies disk: OSBA created sample policies related to charter school governance, fiscal management, personnel, students, instruction, support services and community relations. These policies have been vetted through the Oregon Department of Education, OSBA's legal division and with input from certain public charter schools and organizations.

This service includes:

  • A CD of OSBA sample required and highly recommended policies and administrative regulations
  • A subscription to Policy Update for the 12-month term of the contract
  • Up to five hours of training that includes up to two onsite meetings to assist in answering questions during the review and selection process
  • Two custom hard copies and a CD of the complete and adopted public charter school policies/administrative regulations manual

As associate members of OSBA, public charter schools also have access to a wide array of training opportunities and other benefits including insurance services and much more.

Price information

Contact OSBA staff to inquire about pricing.