About OSBA's policy services

Establishing and maintaining effective, clearly-written policy is a board's foremost responsibility.

Good policy is essential to good management. Board policies serve as a guide to staff as they develop administrative regulations. Policies are also important tools in the decision-making process.

Supporting board policy development is a primary mission of OSBA. Our services include comprehensive policy drafting and maintenance that meet legal requirements and your specific needs.


  • Policy rewrite - Are your policies out of date? Our rewrite service will take you from review to completion of a final manual. Along the way we will provide training and in-person consultation and preparation of recommended changes to current policies and administrative regulations.
  • Policy desk rewrite - We'll provide you the same great service as a rewrite but without the in-person meetings.
  • Small district desk rewrite - If you are from a small district (fewer than 500 students), consider a desk rewrite tailored for you. We'll help you through the process with phone consultations.
  • Charter school policy service - Charter schools are unique and so are their policy manuals. Let us help you prepare policies with onsite training, meetings and document preparation. Our process will leave you with a complete policy manual that complies with state and federal laws.
  • Policy analysis - Do you need help establishing the condition of the board's policy manual? Ask us about this analysis service.

 Subscription Packages

  • Policy Plus - Our signature service takes the guesswork out of maintaining policy manuals. As laws change we will update your policies for board approval. Then, you choose between the standard manual maintenance or online policy service and we'll take care of the rest. You'll still get Policy Update to stay informed -- we just do the work for you.
  • Policy manual maintenance - Do you like getting Policy Update (included with this package) but want help maintaining policies, too? We can help! After adoption, send us the changes. We will review them for compliance, make the changes and send you the final version for your policy manual.
  • Online policy manual - If you want staff and community to have online access to your policies, consider letting us host your manual. We'll keep you informed with Policy Update, review changes you make for compliance and maintain your entire policy manual online.
  • Policy updates with online access - Policy Update, keeps you updated with a quarterly newsletter and updated sample policies so you can quickly update, revise or draft your own policies.
  • Policy updates for charter schools - Policy Update written for charter schools. Also, if you are a district that sponsors a charter school, you may purchase the Charter School Supplemental for your Policy Update (manual maintenance or online policy manual) subscription at a reduced rate.


Why reinvent the wheel if you don't have to? We've done the legwork and created staff and student handbook templates you can personalize. Whether you are a charter school or a K-12 district, we have a handbook tailored to your specific needs. Handbooks are complete with information about how to use them, what is required by law and sample language.

 The 2017 Model Handbooks are scheduled to be released in April.

For school districts

Also available in a combination pack of either the complete Model Staff and Student Handbooks, or revisions of the Model Staff and Student Handbooks, including a Key Dates and Activities Calendar.

For charter schools

Price information

Contact OSBA staff to inquire about pricing.