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Board candidate campaigns range from simple to sophisticated, depending on the candidate and the community. One common element, however, is the state requirement for reporting campaign finances.

State law limits the sources and amounts of contributions and the purposes for which those contributions may be spent. Contact the Secretary of State Elections Division for guidance before accepting any campaign contributions or making any campaign expenditures.

By law, you must report all campaign finance transactions to the Secretary of State Elections Division. Political committees formed to support candidates also must report contributions and expenditures.

The candidate’s treasurer and/or the treasurer of the political committee supporting the candidate is responsible for maintaining detailed records and filing reports of contributions received and expenditures made. These records are subject to inspection by an opposing candidate or that candidate’s treasurer. These records must be kept current to within seven days of receiving a contribution or making an expenditure.

We encourage you to become actively involved with OSBA if you are elected to a school, ESD or community college board.

How to become a school board candidate

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