School board elections

Half of the board members in Oregon’s school, community college and education service districts are elected or re-elected in each odd-numbered year. Under Oregon law, school, ESD and community college board elections are held the third Tuesday in May.

The filing deadline for board positions is the 61st calendar day prior to the May election date.

Candidates can file with the county clerk in one of two ways:
  • Submit a petition containing the signatures of 25 registered voters or 10 percent of the registered voters in the district, whichever is less
  • Submit a declaration of candidacy with a $10 filing fee

All Oregon elections are by-mail ballots. Ballots are mailed to registered voters no sooner than the 20th day before the date of the election and no later than the 14th day.

To be counted, the county clerk must receive ballots by 8 p.m. on the date of the election. Voters may return the ballots by mail or in person. Ballots with election-day postmarks are not counted.

We encourage you to become actively involved with OSBA if you are elected to a school, ESD or community college board.

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